Wednesday, December 8

movin' on up.

today at work i learned how to edit our website. i guess it wouldn't be that exciting to everyone, but i LOVED learning about it. as no one who reads this would have any way of knowing, i used to be a web programming major. (read: tried it for one semester.) i love the web and html and everything used to make sites. i spent hours on myspace dilly-dallying in html/css. ah!
anyway, i'm pretty much one of the only people in the office that knows how to use this website. and i'm an official administrator on the site! HOW COOL, i know. so i'm the one that makes changes and new pages. yayay!

also, no more classes. seriously. i have NO MORE CLASSES until january. i have one exam on friday and two online exams that i can take whenever. you have no idea how relieving this is. well, i'm sure you do.

ALSO, ALSO! i taught myself/learned from youtube videos how to knit! EEK! i love it. granted, at this point, i can only cast on and do the simple knit/garter stitch, but no doubt i'm learning. look at my wonky progress:

i'm super excited to complete this project (whatever it'll end up being) in the next, say, year or so. ;)


  1. Hehe, that picture is awesome! I love how you've managed to teach yourself to knit just from the internet. I really need to check that out as soon as I have the free time.

    And website editing sounds like a lot of fun to me! I've always wished I was good at that kinda thing but I wouldn't even know where to start. Aaand yay to your classes being over! Good luck with your exams. :)

  2. knitting is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. i'm still learning different's super fun!

    and thanks so much! :D :D