Saturday, April 9

april fifteenth!

i'm turning TWENTY next friday, so i put a little wishlist together today.
a moleskine sketchbook

this danielle reck print

Monday, March 21

Friday, March 11

cream & coral

pretty things i want from modcloth!

Wednesday, March 9

hello everyone!

welcome new followers! i promise i'm still alive. i'm just super busy with work and school right now. i'll find something interesting to post soon.

until then, follow me here: @xabailey

i'm a twitter weirdo, and sometimes i say funny things.

oh, and here is something pretty:

Tuesday, March 1

win an hd flip cam at little chief honeybee!

the lovely kaelah bee is giving away a flip cam mino hd video camera over at little chief honeybee. there are five ways to win!

head over there now and enter!

Friday, January 21


i'm actually posting. for the twenty-one of you, it's pretty surprising, no?

anyway, hey!
i've recently started back to school and work. this semester couldn't be better so far. i actually LOVE all of my classes. although, i have to say, my statistics professor is a ditz. i think it bonds a class when we're being taught by an idiot. we all look at each other like: "uh, is this really happening? did she really ask us if we knew how to convert a decimal to a percentage?!" yeah, but it's been good. i got asked to become an official employee at big brothers big sisters. YAY. i'm really excited.

things are super good right now! wahoo!

Saturday, December 11

obsessed: danielle reck illustrations

lately, i've been a teensy bit infatuated with skulls. especially sugar skulls and day of the dead art. while looking on etsy, i came across danielle reck, and oh my gosh! how pretty are her illustrations?! the colors are fabulous.

visit her etsy!