Sunday, November 28

two more weeks.

thanksgiving break is officially over. it was seriously the most fun and equally the most exhausting break i've had...ever. i literally spent tuesday through friday with my friends. i didn't even sleep on thursday night! i wouldn't have done it any differently, though. super fun.

i've recently gotten into 30 rock. i always brushed it off as such a lame show, but i was SO wrong. it's hilarious. it's smart humor, which i love...because i actually get it! tracy morgan no longer gets on my nerves, and alec baldwin no longer grinds my gears. i love tina fey and her genius self. i'm only on season one. i guess i shouldn't say only--i'm on the 18th episode! she's currently dating floyd, jason sudeikis' character. he is completely adorable, and i'd love nothing more than to date him myself.

i have such a crush on all SNL cast members. i can't get enough of the funny ones. i mean, look how cute jason and fred are!

only two weeks left until christmas break! then i'll be THAT much closer to being in texas with little baby battista. i cannot wait to see him. he's seriously the cutest baby ever.

until then, it'll be work and school and work and school and work and school. WOMP.

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