Tuesday, November 9


i never post.
and all my posts say that.

but, whatever.

i'm in the process of changing my major. hopefully for the FINAL time.
i feel like this is a great one that i can definitely get a job with and absolutely LOVE.
ready for it...? MARKETING!
yes, marketing. wahoo, i know. it sounds boring, but i'm so excited. i think i'm going to love it and be pretty good at it.

i was looking through a few posts in the past, and i said i had a new "interest." it's safe to say that i don't have that interest anymore, and i haven't for a while. i just now (as in while i'm writing this) remembered who it was.
shows you how important he was, i guess!

i'm excited for christmas. i'm heading to TEXAS! yeah, i love it there. and i have a new nephew that is the most adorable baby i have ever seen. even cuter than lil me when i was born. hard to beat.

THE STUFFING is happening on nov. 24 in ATL, and i really really really want to go. it's manchester orchestra, all get out, bad books, kevin devine, gobotron, + MANY MANY more. i would die if i was able to go. best musicians ever, forreal.

okay. this is too long.

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